The Magic of the Sea for your wellness from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

The Osaine Difference – Our Philosophy

Osaine comes from careful studies on dermatological and cosmetic activity of seaweed. Some algae have similar characteristics and active ingredients to those found in the skin and numerous tests have shown that the use of these algae in a cosmetic product ensures perfect metabolism and a healthy and youthful appearance.

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A Breakthrough Idea

Osaine is the result of careful studies on the natural synergy between Gulf Stream seawater and French Breath Island seaweed.

  Osaine products are based on the properties of these algae. Studies carried out on this flora have proven that its use in a cosmetic product has the capability of revitalizing and re-mineralizing cells, stimulating fundamental enzymes, reinforcing the immune system and protecting the skin from allergies with an antihistamine action.

All Osaine products are formulated under the strictest European Union cosmetic regulatory rules and guidelines and are Paraben Free, Dermatologically Tested and Approved, Cruelty Free,  Made in Italy, Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle Deep wrinkle treatment. All Osaine products promote Collagen III synthesis stimulation, Cellular surface improvement, Cellular energy optimization, Cellular metabolism stimulation, Marine bio-peptides for skin restructuring

The Sea

The combined effects of seawater, iodine and mineral salts offer great benefits and important results to the human body.

It is an all-natural care that helps you reduce stress, time traces and imperfections such as cellulite simply by restoring cellular activity that our demanding work hours, cities and bad habits affect daily.

Seawater is the primordial life source. It contains all the minerals required by life, dividing them into oligo-elements and mineral salts. Seawater’s contact with the skin allows for the transferal of precious oligo-elements, which are slowly released into the blood system to rectify the equilibrium.

Oligo-elements are the minerals that our body needs in small doses as a bio-chemical reaction catalysts; mineral salts are used in great quantities by cells that work for one?s organism building and osmotic balance maintenance.In seawater, the percentage of all these elements is quite similar by 98% to the human blood’s plasma.


In cosmetology, seaweed is highly regarded for its ability to activate physiological mechanisms of the deeper skin strata, enhancing the reaction capacity to treatments. Oligo-elements, vitamins and amino acids found in seaweed perform a mineralizing action on adipose masses. Hence, the presence of iodine and mineral salts in a seawater solution allows for a firming action on relaxed tissues.

Seaweed based anti-cellulite treatments, with the supporting effect of massages, are used to restore derma elasticity which eventually eliminates the slightest blemish.The presence of salt water in seaweed automatically attracts stagnant liquids, thus facilitating drainage, reducing water retention and cellulite.

Sea Water

The Gulf Stream originates from the seas facing the Amazon forest and like a vital artery, crosses the Atlantic Ocean, flowing into the sea of the Brehat Archipelago.

The water of the Stream is enriched along its journey through the Ocean, like a “marine plasma” effect, thanks to the great variety of plankton species that dwell there and the extreme depths and cleanliness of the sea bed. When it gets to the sea of the Brehat Archipelago, the Stream yields this prosperous ecosystem’s essential minerals, ions and oligo-elements, oxygen, iodine and its warm temperature, all of which favor the growth of the most extraordinary algae of the planet.




The deep action of seawater-soaked mud applied to the skin is due to the so-called osmotic effect?

When the mud is applied, an insulating layer is created, increasing the body temperature; opening up pores that release water retained by the tissues and so skin becomes more receptive to active elements carried by mud mound. These are the principles on which Thalassotherapy is based.