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Osaine Dry Skin Collection

  Some skin types are by nature fragile, thin and  lacking moisture for which standard formulations are not adequate.  This kind of skin requires specific products with a high grade of moisturization that ensures absolute results.  Omegaplanction? Seaweed is a natural marine source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are naturally present in the skin and essential for the reduction of free radicals. Omegaplancton? also protects the skin from latent inflammation and stimulates the synthesis of ceramides and collagen.  In skincare products, Codiavelane? hinders evaporation to establish an ideal moisture level.  Studies conducted on skin treated with creams containing Codiavelane? have demonstrated immediate increase in moisture with long-lasting effects, reaching deeper layers of the epidermis.

Omegacleanser Moisturizing Cleanser

A soft and creamy lotion that moisturized and cleanses. Gently cleanse face with facial disks.


Moisturizing Lotion. An invigorating lotion that gently moisturises skin. On perfectly cleansed skin apply to face and neck.


Moisturizing Day Cream

An ideal moisturizing day cream that relieves stress leaving the face smoother and firmer. Best applied in the morning. Use light motions for total absorption.


Moisturizing Night Cream

An intense nourishing cream for very dry skins. Cleanse face thoroughly and apply the cream until the skin will be completely dry. It would be better to apply before bedtime.

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