Offer your constituents a host of personalized quality products imprinted with your logo/imagery.  This is the perfect way to expand your branding, touch your followers, and grow your donor base without lifting a finger.

The Greater Good division of  e-commerce store may be able to help raise funds for your charitable organization.  The success of this fundraising campaign will depend on a joint effort and you and I promoting heartily!

How exciting for your charity!

Here’s How it Works


  • Register
  • Submit your artwork/messaging/logo
  • We choose together the products your artwork/messaging/logo will be printed on 
  • Your charity’s campaign (promotional page) is created by my team and housed on the e-commerce site under “Greater Good”.
  • Once campaign is ready, you will be notified
  • Charity receives all net proceeds

YOU promote the heck out of it!


Ideas include sending leads to the campaign with mentions on:

  • Your newsletter
  • Banner on your website
  • Your social media outlets
  • All other traditional media contacts – tv/radio interviews
  • Your fundraising events
  • Flyers/postcards/snail mail
  • Other ideas?

I promote the heck out of it!


  • You will be a guest on my show on “In the Limelight with Clarissa Burt” on Facebook.
  • You’ll be on my radio show “In the Limelight with Clarissa Burt” on VoiceAmerica’s Influencer’s channel.
  • I will create and distribute a press release.
  • I’ll create articles for different news publications.
  • The Clarissa Burt newsletter
  • My, and websites

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